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Powered paragliding is arguably the safest form of personal powered flight available. It is also by far the most economical form of motorized flight and does not require hanger space, trailers, trucks, or even SUVs to enjoy it. The equipment can be carried by a car and can be easily stored in a closet at home. A simple field, park, or farm can become your runway and landing zone for a flight.

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My name is Matt Zagula and I come from the medical field as a profession for 30+ years. I am a medical practitioner for the US Public Health Service currently, an American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructor, a NCCPA licensed Physician Assistant, a nationally certified EMT, and trained in Advanced Trauma Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and yada, yada, yada, so on, so on for a professional life of accolades to bore you with. Now I am dedicating my energies and life to aviation!

I began my aviation exploration as a child through model airplanes, RC planes, and rockets. Starting at age 13, I began flying single engine aircraft with my brother who was a pilot at that time. I later continued my evolution in flight by serving in the 82nd airborne as a paratrooper from 1993 -1996. Eventually I learned to fly powered paragliders several years ago, while stationed out West. I only wish I would have done this sooner!!!

Now it is my pleasure to share my passion and experience in this sport with fellow pilots, students, and the curious public every chance I get.

My certifications:

ASC: Certified Basic Flight Instructor for Ultralight Class Aircraft

USPPA: Certified Foot Launch Instructor, Certified Tandem Instructor

FAA Safety Team Representative (yellow team) FAR 103 Ultralight Class

Equipment Sales

Offering Air Conception, and Kangook paramotors as well as Bruce Goldsmith Designs and GIN paraglider. ALL of these companies pride theirselves on innovation, quality, and most improtantly safety.

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